Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Accolade for Micato Safaris

Turns out Micato won two Conde Nast Traveler Awards, this time for philanthropy via the AmericaShare program.

I know Betsy and I seriously considered participating while we were there, but I just wasn't sure at the time of booking the tour. Looking back now, I have no doubt we will be more active on that front, and I suspect we will take the tour on Saturday afternoon before the return flight. Several of our mates went, and they all loved it.

You know, there are a few things I keep coming back to when thinking about our trip. One, the elephant population in Tarangire. I remember Renny told us that overpopulation continues to be a problem - that the foliage cannot keep up with the growth of the herds, and there is always discussion about culling measures. How do you go about doing that? And how do you handle the backlash? There would surely be backlash.

The most recent matter involves the creation of a highway cutting through the Serengeti. You have to read this.

Wow. So many thoughts. First, is this really the best choice of route? The article suggests an alternate is available, though I'm sure there is a particular reason for the northern selection. Second, what does this do to the Mara? Again the article comments on this - as I'm sure the Kenyan authorities will.

Then I start thinking that perhaps the highway isn't needed. But I'm here in the States, where we have the infrastructure to support an economy. Who am I to say what the people of Tanzania should do with their land?

But aren't we in a global society? Isn't there a bigger obligation? And how do you balance the competing interests, anyway? These aren't easy questions to answer.

But it does raise one very important question for me - when am I going back? Soon, I hope....

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